I warmly recommend Fiona Copprd as a nutritionist. She gave me practical advice on how to eat a balanced healthy diet. I have followed her advice about eating a low Gi diet and have been feeling more alert, have higher energy levels and am able to concentrate for long periods of time. All the things I was struggling with before our sessions.
Thanks to her advice I now fell healthier and less stressed Robyn in Warlingham

Thank you Fiona for showing me how a few alterations to my eating habits can make such a difference. No dieting, just sensible diet. In a few weeks I have been taking your advice & gentle encouragement, I have lost one and a half stones, friends and relatives are commenting on how much fitter I am looking. Eating more sensibly combined with regular exercise is definitely for me. Chris in Haywards Heath

Feeling fed up with myself I had no energy, no motivation, the new skirt I bought did not fit. I have tried several times in the past to lose weight but did not stick to the diet, I had been going to the gym for years but the weight still stayed the same because I would go home and eat all the wrong foods to cheer myself up or come in from work so hungry that whilst cooking dinner I would pick big time.I live on my own so there is nobody there to support me. Eight weeks ago that all changed the gym had been taken over by new management and had introduced S.M.A.R.T Nutrition and weight management run by Fiona Coppard. Fiona is my life saver and she has changed the way I feel about myself, she has motivated me into a different way of eating with more food than I have eaten in a long time, she gave me recipes and made food interesting, any time you have a bad day Fiona is there to call and support you she cares about you as a person. I have so far lost 6 lb and had Christmas in between and I look forward to our weekly meeting and weigh in. Anyone who has a weight problem should call Fiona it isn’t difficult it’s a new way of life and it is fun. Di in Haywards Heath

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